Lenin’s Hatred of Allotments

We on the Left today tend to think that class struggle and environmentalism are natural bedfellows. We tend to forget that there are differences between Green and Left political outlooks which remain difficult to reconcile. Can the greater state of localism and sustainability which urban agriculture represents, for example, really be politically-engineered?

Political Apathy in Scotland

Although the final figures are not yet known, turnout at Scotland’s recent local government elections is set to disappoint. The political and media classes will, with characteristic condescension, argue that the ‘epidemic’ of political apathy is largely the public’s fault. Blighted by corruption, political monoculture and doublespeak, the simple truth of the matter is that much of the Scottish public have little stake in a politics that increasingly serves the interests of an elite at the public’s expense.

Nature and the Circumstances of Justice

Neoliberal economists have taken for granted that ours is a world positioned in what John Rawls called “the circumstances of justice”, a world where the majority live in a state somewhere between abundance and shortage of resources. But how accurate a description of the world is this?