An Unsporting Politics?

Many Scots see their nation as standing above the celebrations of the ‘Great British Summer’, both the Jubilee’s trumpeting of privilege and the Olympics of neoliberal England. Is this justified? A closer examination of Scotland’s attitude to sport reveals a nation in denial about its lack of social democracy.

Political Apathy in Scotland

Although the final figures are not yet known, turnout at Scotland’s recent local government elections is set to disappoint. The political and media classes will, with characteristic condescension, argue that the ‘epidemic’ of political apathy is largely the public’s fault. Blighted by corruption, political monoculture and doublespeak, the simple truth of the matter is that much of the Scottish public have little stake in a politics that increasingly serves the interests of an elite at the public’s expense.

A Greener Scotland?

PURSUING a Green agenda is a political minefield for the SNP given the fishy business over which they’ve presided.

Zen Authorship and Intellectual Property

How was it, scholars of Buddhism have asked, that a single Zen monk produced such a vast body of commentary, seemingly over the course of generations? The answer lays waste to our modern idea of intellectual property.

Saints, Radicals and Artists

Stig Larsson died before his work ever gained world-wide fame. The Hollywood franchise spawned by his Millennium series of books gives truth to the claim that a living author is a liability. Apparently, the best an artist can do to get their work ‘out there’ is to just give up and die.