Introducing Cod Philosophy

Introducing Cod Philosophy

Greetings faithful readers and subscribers! Along with a small handful of colleagues, I’ve spent much of the new year setting up a new project site:

As can be guessed from the title, the project’s aim is satirical:

Trawling international waters in search of codswallop, fishy business and holy mackerel.

Combining the tools of investigative journalism with the approach of analytic philosophy, Cod Philosophy aims to uncover the deeper intellectual, legal and policy currents from which the codswallop of the modern world has emerged.

We are not doing this for the halibut, in other words, but but to mount a sustained analytical challenge to bad thinking in the realms of business, policy, religion and culture – to serve up the platitudes of modern debate for the codswallop it really is.

We are therefore seeking contributions on a range of topics. If you think that someone in the public eye has been carping onabout a load of old cod, we very much want to hear from you. If you’d like to contribute original material, or would be interested in cross-posting to our site, then please do get in touch.

Although I’ll be focusing on Cod Philosophy over the coming few months, have no fear! I’ll keep my personal site updated with my published content. I would be grateful, however, if you could cast your internets to the following locations, and inform anybody you think might be interesed in contributing to the new project:

Twitter: @yourcodship


Email Subscriptions:

One last thing. For those wishing to contribute, throwing a few fish puns into the mix wouldn’t go amiss.