Shiu-ly Some Mistake?

BUSINESS gets fishy in Murkeyside, where a glamorous investor in Peel’s £10 billion ‘Mersey Waters’ regeneration scheme is not all she seems

Liverpool Waters: Chinese Takeaway

BACK-SCRATCHING continues in Murkeyside, where the Peel Group and Mayor “Uncle” Joe Anderson believe that Chinese money will come flooding into Liverpool and rejuvenate the city.

The 78th Floor

AN OBSESSION with the Shard takes a sinister turn when a minor journalist discovers that all he thought he knew was a lie.

Liverpool Waters: Frankly Speaking

CRONYISM is alive and well on Murkeyside, where the city’s leaders are not that bothered about the prospect of Liverpool losing its World Heritage Site status as long as a gigantic riverside tower blocks, flats ‘n’ car parks scheme gets the go-ahead.

Introducing Cod Philosophy

Introducing Cod Philosophy – a satirical journo project about the influence of rotten ideas.

Sex, Scepticism & the End of the World

How the reasonable ideas of a Scottish philosopher formed the basis of a dogmatic New Age belief in a coming Mayan apocalypse.

Dwelling on the High Cost of Housing

More than a decade of viewing property as an investment has driven up prices and eroded the status of affordable housing as an enduring human need. It is time to consign “basic economics” to the scrap heap and hold successive governments to account.